Warhammer 40,000
Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor
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Imperial Victory on Nethamus!

Raging inferno storms have devoured most of Nethamus’ southern continent, but the agri world’s precious grain-silos remain in operation. The Konor System will not starve.

Fresh from their victory at Konor, the armies of the Imperium made for the agri world of Nethamus, the vital food basket of the system. Their numbers were bolstered by reinforcements from the reclaimed forge world, including legions of Skitarii and rumbling war machines. These troops would be vital in the battle for Nethamus, for the twisted Daemon Engines and corrupted armour of Chaos already stalked the agri world’s blighted surface. Drukhari Reavers had also been sighted, racing across the vast open plains in their agile skycraft. These sadistic killers revelled in the terror and confusion of the conflict, appearing from nowhere like creatures from some terrible nightmare, snatching unfortunate souls away to serve as slaves and tormented playthings.

Some of the fiercest fighting would take place at The Neck, the mountainous valley region that connected the incinerated southern continent to the north, where the few remaining factory-crawlers still carried a precious cargo of produce. The ground was churned to an ashen wasteland beneath torrents of high-explosive shells, as regiments of Imperial tanks formed an impenetrable wall of steel, denying every inch of ground to their hated foes.

This heroic defence bought precious time for Convoy Druseus – the largest gathering of factory-crawlers and its armoured defenders – to reach a defensible position amidst the northern valleys. As heretic forces closed in on all fronts, the convoy halted and its defenders hastily established fortifications, trenches and sentry gun arrays. In an earth-shaking tank duel, the Imperial forces drove back the assault, blasting apart Daemon Engine and corrupted tank alike, until the field was littered with the smoking wreckage of hundreds of vehicles, and the surviving enemies were forced to retreat.

The city of Khorsis, for so long the last bastion of Imperial defenders on the planet, was finally retaken days later, though by the time the last pockets of Chaos resistance had been scoured from their lairs, the great agri-hive was little more than a burned-out husk. Nethamus, though riven by firestorms and choked by roiling clouds of smoke, still clung to life. More and more Imperial reinforcements arrived planetside, and soon the factory-crawlers were surrounded by fortifications such as defence lines and Vengeance Weapon Batteries, and guarded by regiments of grim-faced Astra Militarum soldiers. With vital medical supplies and food reserves secured, the defence of the Konor System can continue apace.