Warhammer 40,000
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Squad-based Strategy

In the grim darkness of the far future, the valiant Space Marines must complete a vital mission behind enemy lines – but standing in their way are the sinister, ancient forces of the Necrons in this exciting 45-minute game of small-scale combat for two players.

Warriors Collide in Brutal Combat

The five members of Squad Gideon are Assault Intercessors – specialists in close-quarters melee. The Necrons advance without pause, firing blasts of searing energy. Fireteam contains five highly detailed push fit Space Marines, plus 10 Necron Warriors, and three Scarab Swarms.

Experience the Horror of the 41st Millennium

Squad Gideon were dispatched to respond to a distress call the planet of Zanzamon, and it wasn't long before their worst fears were confirmed – the planet is a Necron tomb world, and it's android inhabitants have begun to stir...

Paint Your Heroes

The two forces in this box come in coloured plastic (blue for Space Marines and silver for Necrons), but why not personalise both forces with a lick of paint? Using the Citadel Colour system, you'll have two fighting-fit fireteams in no time. Find out more at CitadelColour.com

In the box

Fireteam contains everything you need for a tactical game of squad combat in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, including:

– 18 detailed miniatures – 5 Space Marines and 13 Necrons

– A 20-page rulebook, a double-sided game board, plus 14 dice, 85 tokens, and 81 cards

– Rules for four other Fireteams from the T’au Empire, Orks, Aeldari Craftworlds, and Astra Militarum

– All miniatures can be clipped off of their frame and fit together perfectly without the need for glue


Download the rules for free

Need a new copy of the rules? Want to know if Fireteam is right for you? Download the free rules right here and plan your strategy.



Fireteam will be available in select independent retailers in the USA, UK, Canada and Germany, including Barnes & Noble stores.

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