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Before painting your models, you’ll first need to assemble them. Using Citadel Fine Detail Cutters, and following the assembly instructions provided with each kit, collectors clip their models’ components out of their plastic frames and assemble them piece by piece using plastic glue. Building armies of miniatures is a satisfying experience that many collectors enjoy tremendously – and with a head swap here and a piece of re-posing there, there’s also great scope for converting miniatures to become unique additions to your army.

To this end, Games Workshop produces a range of specialist tools and a huge selection of Citadel Paints – with the accompanying Citadel Paint System – that allow you to easily and enjoyably build and paint the miniatures that make up your personal collection. Many people derive a great deal of enjoyment from this, revelling in the creative process and taking pride in making the best-looking miniatures they possibly can.

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