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In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war

A Galaxy at War

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The Dark Millennium

Fight for the future of Humanity across a vicious, war-torn galaxy.

Welcome to Warhammer 40,000, the thrilling hobby of tabletop wargaming! The game is set in the grim darkness of the far future, where mighty armies clash on countless war-torn worlds and Humanity stands alone, beset on all sides by the threats of the heretic, the mutant and the alien. There is no mercy. There is no respite. Prepare yourself for battle.

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New to Warhammer 40,000?

Welcome to the Warhammer hobby! You couldn’t have picked a better time to get started. Being a Warhammer hobbyist opens up a whole world of activities and community. Everything from building and painting collections of stunning miniatures to pitting them against other armies in exhilarating tabletop battles and forging your own narrative in the galaxy of the far future. You can delve deeper into the 41st Millennium with a huge range of novels, video games, and animations, alongside an active online community of fellow fans.

  • warhammer models

    Collect Your Armies

    Every collection of Citadel miniatures represents a force fighting for survival in a galaxy of war. From relentless superhuman warriors to endless alien swarms and abyssal horrors from beyond the veil of reality, there are many armies and enemies to discover, and you’ll soon have a mighty collection of your own to be proud of.

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  • Assemble Your Forces

    Building your models is an integral part of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby, and one that gives hours of satisfaction. Citadel miniatures come with clear assembly instructions that make them easy and fun to build. As your skill and confidence grows, you’ll be able to add ever more ambitious and impressive models to your collection.

  • Add Some Colour

    Painting your Citadel miniatures brings them to life and really makes them your own, and painted miniatures look great, whether on display or fighting across a tabletop. The Citadel Paint range offers a huge selection of paints and brushes, and all the information, advice and guides you’ll need to go from beginner to expert can be found on the Citadel Colour website.

    Visit Citadel Colour How to Paint Indomitus

  • War on the Tabletop

    Warhammer 40,000 is a tabletop game of dark, futuristic warfare that sees carnage erupt in a spectacular scale. Whether playing narrative battles with friends or leading your forces to victory in gaming tournaments, you’ll find that every tabletop battle you play is unique, exciting, and tells its own tales of havoc, horror and heroism.


  • Explore the Legends

    Continue your adventures off the tabletop in a range of books from Black Library. Delve into adrenaline-fuelled fiction as the greatest heroes of Warhammer 40,000 fight for survival in conflicts across a war-torn galaxy. They’re a great way to explore the deep background of the 41st Millennium.

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  • Play Amazing Video Games

    Experience the 41st Millennium digitally with a range of games across a variety of formats and platforms. From mobile games to first person shooters to massive strategy epics, there’s something for you no matter what you want to play or where you want to play it.

  • Experience Amazing Tales

    Encounter new heroes and embark on epic adventures in awesome animated series. Created in collaboration with world-class animation studios, these stories depict the Warhammer 40,000 universe in a new and visceral way. So sit back and get ready to enjoy the 41st Millennium as you’ve never seen it before.

How to Play

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the grim darkness of the far future or are already a stalwart veteran, this handy series of How to Play videos will teach you the core rules to help you learn the game. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can build upon that solid foundation and learn all the more advanced rules in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book that bring extra layers of tactics and strategy to your games.

Free Core Rules

The Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules shows you how to move, shoot, charge and fight with your units on the battlefield. These represent the backbone of how the game is played, and once you have mastered them, you can use all the additional rules found in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to take your game even further.

Download Core Rules


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    Warhammer 40,000 – The App


    Rules in the palm of your hand – get full access to Warhammer 40,000: The App, included with every Warhammer+ subscription.


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Start Warhammer 40,000 Your Way

There are three Warhammer 40,000 starter boxes to choose from – the Recruit, Elite, and Command Editions. Each set is specially designed to cater to three levels of experience, from brand-new hobbyists to more experienced players looking to dive in head first.


    • Recruit FullBox

      The Perfect Beginner’s Set

      The Recruit Edition includes everything you need to get started and learn how to play Warhammer 40,000. The set includes units for both the Space Marines and Necrons (and a heroic Character to lead each side), as well as a gaming mat, rules set and more to help guide you through your first steps into gaming in the grim darkness of the far future.

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    • Recruit SpaceMarines

      The Angels of Death

      The Adeptus Astartes, otherwise known as the Space Marines, are Mankind’s mightiest warriors. Each among them is a genetically engineered super-soldier, clad in nigh impregnable power armour and equipped with the very finest wargear. Alone, a Space Marine is a deadly adversary, but when surrounded by his battle-brothers, he is the Emperor’s vengeance made manifest.

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    • Recruit Necrons

      An Ancient Empire Rises

      The Necrons were once the undisputed rulers of the stars. After millions of years of dormancy, they have arisen once more and will stop at nothing to reclaim their dominion of the stars. Each Necron is a tireless machine warrior armed with weaponry so advanced that they can atomise their enemies or even remove them from time and space!

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    • Recruit Accessories

      Gaming Wargear

      In addition to the push-fit miniatures, the Recruit Edition includes all the accessories you need to get them on the battlefield so you can learn how to play. As well as a gaming mat, the set includes dice, range rulers, and reference guides as well as a bespoke Recruit Manual to get you up and running in no time.

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    • Recruit SoloBox

      Get Started Today!

      If you’re looking to dip your toe into the war-torn galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 for the first time, the Recruit Edition is for you! The miniatures in the set also represent the foundations of a Patrol Detachment – the perfect building blocks to start your collection of Space Marines and Necrons.

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    • Elite FullBox

      Start at the Next Level!

      If you’re ready to enter the grim, dark world of Warhammer 40,000 and are looking to start things off with a bang, the Elite Edition is the way to do just that! Pitting a mighty Captain of the Space Marines and his battle-brothers against a towering Necron Overlord and his mechanical warriors, the Elite Edition is the perfect starter set for the more ambitious beginner.

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    • Command&Elite SpaceMarines

      The Angels of Death

      The Adeptus Astartes, otherwise known as the Space Marines, are Mankind’s mightiest warriors. Each among them is a genetically engineered super-soldier, clad in nigh-impregnable power armour and equipped with the very finest wargear. Alone, a Space Marine is a deadly adversary, but when surrounded by his battle-brothers, he is the Emperor’s vengeance made manifest.

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    • Command&Elite Necrons

      An Ancient Empire Rises

      The Necrons were once the undisputed rulers of the stars. After millions of years of dormancy, they have arisen once more and will stop at nothing to reclaim their dominion of the stars. Each Necron is a tireless machine warrior armed with weaponry so advanced that they can atomise their enemies or even remove them from time and space!

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    • Elite Accesories

      Gaming Wargear

      In addition to the push fit miniatures, the Elite Edition includes all the accessories you need to get them on the battlefield so you can learn how to play. As well as a gaming mat, the set includes dice, range rulers, and reference guides as well as a bespoke Elite Manual to get you up and running in no time.

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    • Elite SoloBox

      Start Your Hobby in Style!

      If you’re looking to take your first journey into Warhammer 40,000 to the next level, the Elite Edition is the way to go. In addition to a larger number of miniatures compared to the Recruit Edition, you’ll be able to wield the might of a Space Marine Captain and a Necron Overlord.

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    • Command FullBox

      Take Command of Your Hobby!

      The Command Edition is the top tier of awesome new starter sets for Warhammer 40,000. Not only does it include the same fantastic selection of push fit miniatures as the Elite Edition, but the set features a double-sided, fold-out gaming board and a selection of terrain for your rival armies to fight over!

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    • Command&Elite SpaceMarines

      The Angels of Death

      The Adeptus Astartes, otherwise known as the Space Marines, are Mankind’s mightiest warriors. Each among them is a genetically engineered super-soldier, clad in nigh-impregnable power armour and equipped with the very finest wargear. Alone, a Space Marine is a deadly adversary, but when surrounded by his battle-brothers, he is the Emperor’s vengeance made manifest.

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    • Command&Elite Necrons

      An Ancient Empire Rises

      The Necrons were once the undisputed rulers of the stars. After millions of years of dormancy, they have arisen once more and will stop at nothing to reclaim their dominion of the stars. Each Necron is a tireless machine warrior armed with weaponry so advanced that they can atomise their enemies or even remove them from time and space!

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    • Command Accessories

      Gaming Wargear

      In addition to the push fit miniatures, the Command Edition includes all the accessories you need to get them on the battlefield so you can learn how to play. As well as a double-sided, fold-out gaming board, the set includes a selection of terrain with which to decorate your battlefield. You’ll also find a set of dice, range rulers, and reference guides as well as a bespoke Command Manual to get you up and running in no time.

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    • Command Terrain

      Bring Your Battlefield to Life!

      Having a beautifully detailed gaming board to battle over is one thing, but for the fully immersive experience, you need some terrain for your miniatures to traverse and fight over. The Command Edition features a variety of Warhammer 40,000 terrain, from ruined buildings and industrial pipes to an imposing Thermo-exchanger Shrine.

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    • Command SoloBox

      Lead Your Warriors to Victory!

      The Command Edition is the biggest and most comprehensive starter set in the Warhammer 40,000 range. If you’re after diving head first into the game, look no further than the Command Edition to provide you with everything you need to get started.

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The galaxy is filled with myriad races, all constantly at war. Each has their own cultures and different ways of fighting. Learn more about them here.

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Space Marines

Humanity’s Elite Shock Troops

There is no combat theatre in which the Space Marines cannot excel, no foe they cannot overcome, and no danger they dare not face. There are hundreds of different Space Marine Chapters with proud honour rolls and magnificent martial histories to call their own.

The lightning-fast campaigns of the Space Marines are conducted with such spectacular brutality that they have come to be known as the Angels of Death. If you want to field gene-enhanced living weapons who have undergone the best training, wear the finest armour and bear devastating weaponry, choose the Space Marines.

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Visions of War

  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marines artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marines artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marines artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marines artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marines artwork


An Ancient Evil Awakens

After sixty million years in hibernation, the android legions of the Necrons are rising across the galaxy. These armies of living metal were once dormant and hidden, but now they march again, inexorable in their advance to restore their ancient empire.

Armed with arcane technology, nearly impervious to damage and led by maniacal Overlords, few xenos races are as terrifyingly dangerous. If you love the thought of hordes of nigh-unstoppable, mindless androids relentlessly advancing on your enemies before utterly crushing them, then the Necrons are for you.

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Visions of War

  • Warhammer 40000 Necrons artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Necrons artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Necrons artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Necrons artwork

Sisters of Battle

Army of the Faithful

The Sisters of Battle are warriors of zealous devotion. With bolter and melta, with flamer and howling chainblade, they purge their enemies from the field of battle in the name of the Emperor and the Imperial creed.

Excelling in mid- to close-ranged firefights, this devout sisterhood mows down their foes with endless volleys of firepower while their soaring hymnals echo over the screams of the dying. The Sisters of Battle are supported by hordes of fanatical and bizarre shock troops – if you want to destroy the enemies of Mankind in the most pious way possible, this army is for you.

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Visions of War

  • Warhammer 40000 Sisters of Battle artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Sisters of Battle artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Sisters of Battle artwork
  • Warhammer 40000 Sisters of Battle artwork

Adeptus Custodes

The Golden Legion

10,000 years ago the Custodians were created by the Emperor as his companions and sworn bodyguards. While they were created to defend the Throne World, the Adeptus Custodes have recognised that the most effective way to safeguard Terra is to take a proactive hand in the ongoing battle against Mankind’s innumerable foes. Guided by psychic divination and the intelligence gathered by shadowy agents, they strike down demagogues and warlords who might otherwise raise invasion forces against the heart of the Imperium.

The Adeptus Custodes never exceed ten thousand warriors at any given time. Fortunately, a single Custodian Guard is the equal of entire regiments of any other soldier, meaning that you’ll triumph despite being constantly outnumbered in battle. Equipped with the finest wargear that the Imperium can provide, your forces will be able to wade into the enemy. As bolts thunder from the guns of their guardian spears, swords and axes, their gilded storm shields deflect shots and blades as they fight and slay the enemies of the Emperor.

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Visions of War

  • AdeptusCustodes GalleryArt 1
  • AdeptusCustodes GalleryArt 2
  • AdeptusCustodes GalleryArt 3
  • AdeptusCustodes GalleryArt 4
  • AdeptusCustodes GalleryArt 5

Adeptus Mechanicus

Scions of the Machine God

The Adeptus Mechanicus prize knowledge above all things, and without a second thought they will shed oceans of blood – both the enemy’s and their own – in their endless crusade for its acquisition. Such is the will of the Omnissiah, and his priests will stop at nothing to see that will done. It is not uncommon for forge worlds to launch vast, interstellar crusades in order to recover some lost repository of scientific knowledge or weapons technology, should such a prize present itself.

An Adeptus Mechanicus army in the field resembles a bizarre and grotesque religious procession. Rank upon rank of cyborg Skitarii march tirelessly into the teeth of rival guns, or ride to battle aboard Skorpius Duneriders, raising binharic hymns to the glory of the Omnissiah as their radium carbines and galvanic rifles howl and crack. You can support your masses of augmetic soldiers with maniples of battle robots – ancient Cybernetica war constructs driven by clattering difference engines – as well as insectoid walking tanks, Kataphron servitors or other lethal war machines.

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Visions of War

  • AdeptusMechanicus GalleryArt 1
  • AdeptusMechanicus GalleryArt 2
  • AdeptusMechanicus GalleryArt 3
  • AdeptusMechanicus GalleryArt 4
  • AdeptusMechanicus GalleryArt 5

Astra Militarum

Hammer of the Emperor

In a galaxy of terrors, those who would stand firm and fight for their species are champions all. In battle, the Imperial Guard bring immense firepower and sheer, crushing weight of numbers to bear. Astra Militarum armies are characterised by teeming regiments of ground-pounding infantry, mechanised assault spearheads, rumbling armoured columns, tortured battle psykers, companies of abhuman troopers, sprawling batteries of mobile artillery, sky-darkening squadrons of combat aircraft, and super-heavy war engines the size of mobile fortresses.

When the grand armies of the Astra Militarum open fire, it is apocalyptic. If you like the idea of filling the air with countless lasgun beams, salvoes of missiles, and the fury of plasma blasts, then the Imperial Guard is for you. Overwhelm your enemies by hurling regiments of Guardsmen into the meat grinder, or crush your foes beneath the tracks of dozens of tanks. It may seem like a horrific way to make war, but this impersonal slaughter has won untold victories in the name of the Emperor.

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Visions of War

  • AstraMilitarum GalleryArt 1
  • AstraMilitarum GalleryArt 2
  • AstraMilitarum GalleryArt 3
  • AstraMilitarum GalleryArt 4
  • AstraMilitarum GalleryArt 5

Chaos Daemons

Horrors of the Warp

Nearly every sentient being has a psychic resonance with the warp – a terrifying realm where emotion takes form. Chaos Daemons are literally the nightmares of Humanity given flesh, immortal servants of the Chaos Gods imbued with all manner of fell power. Each Daemon is savagely strong, cunning, and often blessed with bizarre abilities that reflect their patron – from the head-claiming, horned legions of Khorne to the shimmering, magic-mastering hosts of Tzeentch.

Chaos Daemons are unlike any other army – instead of war machines or ranks of infantry, you’ll be fielding an army of eldritch nightmares and monsters. Focus your play style on your favourite Chaos God with an indomitable procession of Plaguebearers or a swift Slaaneshi strike force, or master the strengths of all four in a single, varied collection! Chaos Daemons are a savage close-combat army, using psychic powers and warpflame-spewing monstrosities to weaken the foe before tearing them apart with claw, blade and fang, capable of appearing almost anywhere they wish!

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Visions of War

  • ChaosDaemons GalleryArt 5
  • ChaosDaemons GalleryArt 4
  • ChaosDaemons GalleryArt 3
  • ChaosDaemons GalleryArt 2
  • ChaosDaemons GalleryArt 1

Chaos Knights

Titanic Traitors

Traitors to the Imperium they once defended, the Chaos Knights are a twisted mirror of the Imperial Knights, oathed now to the Ruinous Powers and rewarded with fell gifts. Persecuting war with regal contempt from their titanic war machines, the Chaos Knights are an elite and terrifying brethren who bring worlds to ruin for glory, for their gods, or simply to follow twisted and insane codes of dark chivalry.

Chaos Knights armies consist of only a few models – two or three of these titanic terrors are easily a match for entire armies of lesser troops. Every Chaos Knight in your force will have a colossal impact, whether it’s a charging Knight Rampager smashing aside ranks of enemy infantry or a fast-moving War Dog peppering the foe from afar. Collecting Chaos Knights allows you to lavish attention on each stunning individual model, making for a small but impactful collection of models that are fantastic allies in any other Chaos army as well as a standalone force.

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Visions of War

  • ChaosKnights GalleryArt 1
  • ChaosKnights GalleryArt 2
  • ChaosKnights GalleryArt 3
  • ChaosKnights GalleryArt 4
  • ChaosKnights GalleryArt 5

Chaos Space Marines

Crusaders of Darkness

Not even the Adeptus Astartes can resist the insidious taint of Chaos. Ten thousand years after the Horus Heresy tore the galaxy in two, the Space Marines who once defended the Imperium are now one of the greatest threats to its survival, marrying their gene-given abilities and master-wrought wargear with dark blessings and millennia of experience fighting the so-called “Long War”. They will not stop until Terra itself is in flames, and the Emperor’s corpse is offered before the Dark Gods!

Chaos Space Marine forces combine the heavy arms and armour of their loyal kin with an arsenal of hellforged arcana. Your bolter-wielding Space Marines may be backed up by hellish Daemon Engines or hordes of cult infantry. Chaos Space Marines armies are excellent all-rounders, capable of shredding enemies at a distance before closing in deadly charges, and offer a vast range of models to collect, paint, and play with. Perhaps you’ll play a legendary force from the Horus Heresy or let your creativity run wild with a renegade Chapter of your own making.

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Visions of War

  • Chaos Space Marines GalleryArt 2
  • Chaos Space Marines GalleryArt 3
  • Chaos Space Marines GalleryArt 4
  • Chaos Space Marines GalleryArt 5
  • Chaos Space Marines GalleryArt 1


Arrogance. Elegance. Firepower.

The craftworlds are great planet ships that sail the stars, bearing with them the remnants of the once-glorious Aeldari empire. Battered, broken but still unbowed, the craftworlders live lives of ruthless discipline and asceticism, mastering arts both aesthetic and martial over millennia-spanning lifespans. When roused to war, they shred their enemies with contemptuous fusillades backed up by the blades of carefully trained Aspect Warriors and the guns of swift grav-tanks and skimmers.

Craftworlds armies are highly focused warhosts where every unit fulfils a specific role, each utterly deadly when used in its proper place. Excelling at mid-range, these forces use speed to dictate the pace of battle, keeping their shooting units just out of reach while melee specialists cause carnage on the front lines. Collecting such a force offers the chance to paint and play with a huge variety of models, with incredible colour schemes to choose from and a diverse spread of Aspect Warriors, wraith constructs, and more to demonstrate your skills.

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Visions of War

  • Aeldari GalleryArt 4
  • Aeldari GalleryArt 3
  • Aeldari GalleryArt 5
  • Aeldari GalleryArt 1
  • Aeldari GalleryArt 2


Raiders of Realspace

Sundered from the Aeldari in the harrowing events of the Fall, the Drukhari are sadistic corsairs for whom the universe is merely a plaything. Sustaining themselves through the suffering of living beings, Drukhari warbands strike forth from the hidden city of Commorragh in search of slaves, plunder, sport, and the chance to influence the Dark City’s labyrinthine and deadly politics. Murderous, swift, and utterly without mercy, they have been the ruin of countless worlds.

Drukhari armies are fast, lightly armoured raiding parties. Poison-slinging Kabalites mounted in incredibly fast transports offer fire support to gladiatorial Wyches and the hulking nightmares Haemonculus Covens, alongside esoteric and terrifying units like shadow-lurking Mandrakes and winged Scourges. Drukhari armies exchange durability for raw speed and attack power, allowing you to slay enemies before they’ve even had a chance to react. For hobbyists, you’ll have a stunning, diverse range of models to play with, paint, and convert – after all, as every Archon knows, variety (and suffering!) is the spice of life.

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Visions of War

  • Drukhari GalleryArt 4
  • Drukhari GalleryArt 2
  • Drukhari GalleryArt 5
  • Drukhari GalleryArt 3
  • Drukhari GalleryArt 1

Genestealer Cults

The Threat Within

Genestealers are the pioneers of Tyranid invasions, infecting human cultures and, over generations, turning them into mutant insurrectionists known as the Genestealer Cults. Blessed with alien cunning and strange “gifts”, these worshippers of the Tyranids bring entire worlds down from within, turning the implements they once used to build the Imperium to its ultimate ruin in carefully planned insurrections that see even the military might of the Astra Militarum humbled.

Genestealer Cult forces let you take command of an insurrection, combining a scrappy, rugged array of civilian vehicles and weapons with nifty alien tricks. Capable of pouncing on enemies from anywhere in hit-and-run attacks, Genestealer Cult armies boast versatile infantry and terrifying close-combat brutes. Rewarding to careful planners, Genestealer Cults allow you to punch way above your weight through sheer cunning, while for painters and collectors, the army offers a glimpse at the “ordinary” civilians of the 41st Millennium – give or take a few arms…

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Visions of War

  • Genestealer Cults GalleryArt 1
  • Genestealer Cults GalleryArt 2
  • Genestealer Cults GalleryArt 3
  • Genestealer Cults GalleryArt 4
  • Genestealer Cults GalleryArt 5

Grey Knights

The Incorruptible

The Grey Knights are the Emperor’s Daemon hunters. They are a highly specialised Space Marine Chapter whose existence is known only to a privileged few, and whose deployment is the ultimate sanction against the powers of the warp. Based on the moon of Titan, shielded from detection by vast and sorcerous wards, they have their own fortress-monastery whose defences are all but impenetrable, and whose deep catacombs contain labyrinths of dark secrets and forbidden lore.

Silver-clad psychic templars, the Grey Knight are selfless warriors who risk all to hold back the threat of Humanity’s eternal damnation. Just as the battle-brothers of the Grey Knights are a superlative evolution of all that it means to be a Space Marine, so too does their Chapter Armoury contain some of the greatest war machines in the Imperium. While they excel in combat against the creatures of the warp, they will fight any enemy that threatens Humanity, even those from within the Imperium itself. Unleashing their psychic might, nothing can stand in their way.

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Visions of War

  • GreyKnights GalleryArt 5
  • GreyKnights GalleryArt 1
  • GreyKnights GalleryArt 2
  • GreyKnights GalleryArt 3
  • GreyKnights GalleryArt 4


The Masque of Death

The Harlequins are an elite cadre of warrior-dancers who have escaped Slaanesh through the patronage of Cegorach, the mysterious Aeldari god of mischief. War to them is a careful ritual, a deadly dance prosecuted in the defence of the hidden places of the webway.

Playing the Harlequins is like choreographing a particularly deadly dance, as your specialist troops run rings around their sluggish enemies, devastating them up close and in melee. A small but focused roster of ultra-customisable units means your force won’t need many models to complete, while rich detail and lurid colour schemes offer hours of painting fun for each model. A Harlequin army is a deadly cast of characters, each playing their role to perfection – and leaving your enemies in shreds.

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Visions of War

  • Harlequins GalleryArt 1
  • Harlequins GalleryArt 3
  • Harlequins GalleryArt 2
  • Harlequins GalleryArt 4
  • Harlequins GalleryArt 5

Imperial Knights

The Quest Begins

Often outnumbered but never outgunned, Imperial Knights are miracles of the Dark Age technology. They can annihilate entire regiments of the foe in a single salvo, or else wield industrial-scale close-combat weaponry that can tear down a fortress gate or flip a battle tank with a single blow. There are numerous patterns of Knight, each of which lend themselves to broad strategic roles, such as scouting or fire support.

The ground shakes as the Imperial Knights march into battle, the pennants and honour banners affixed to their armour flapping in the hot winds of war. Massive plasma reactors thrum with energy, driving the pistons, servos, and gears that send the Knight suits pounding forward with frightening speed. At the heart of each towering war engine is a Noble pilot, sitting in their Throne Mechanicum and controlling their mighty steed.

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Visions of War

  • ImperialKnights GalleryArt 1
  • ImperialKnights GalleryArt 2
  • ImperialKnights GalleryArt 3
  • ImperialKnights GalleryArt 4
  • ImperialKnights GalleryArt 5


Dawn of Waaagh!

Orks are hulking creatures quite literally born to fight, a deadly alien race that loves nothing more than a good scrap. Led into battle by hulking Warbosses, Ork hordes known as Waaaghs! leave utter ruin in their wake, as roiling, seemingly endless hordes of Boyz cause merry havoc with scavenged weapons and wargear. To the Orks, might makes right – and few are as mighty as they.

Ork armies are as diverse, punchy, and bonkers as Orks themselves! From the nigh-legendary “green tide” of choppy Boyz, to rumbling armoured columns, to Dread Mobs of clanking walkers, Ork armies are generally characterised by devastating (and inaccurate) firepower and bruising melee skills. Orks are wildly unpredictable to both you and your foe, ensuring no two games are the same and offering all sorts of hilarious moments, while for painters and collectors, the range is a playground for vivid paint jobs and crazy conversions.

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Visions of War

  • Orks GalleryArt 2
  • Orks GalleryArt 3
  • Orks GalleryArt 1
  • Orks GalleryArt 4
  • Orks GalleryArt 5

The T’au Empire

For the Greater Good!

The T’au Empire are a recent contender in the great game of the 41st Millennium, rising among fallen empires and intergalactic predators through diplomacy, unity and a simply terrifying amount of firepower. Optimistic and forward-looking, they push the borders of their fledgling dominion ever forward with well-trained and superbly armed cadres made up of infantry, alien auxiliaries and super-advanced battlesuits. Woe betide those that see the T’au Empire as naive, for this young faction will stop at nothing to bring the “Greater Good” to the galaxy.

The T’au Empire offers nigh-unmatched shooting, boasting firepower few forces can dream of. T’au armies eschew the monsters, madmen and magi used by other armies, instead giving you access to towering battlesuits and bizarre alien auxiliaries. Maybe you’ll field a fast-moving strike force of rapid assault mechs, or create a defensive line of Fire Warriors capable of obliterating anyone who dares get close. T’au models have a high-tech aesthetic and super-modular kits that let you customise your battlesuits to meet any battlefield need – or just what you think looks the coolest!

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Visions of War

  • T au GalleryArt 1
  • T au GalleryArt 4
  • T au GalleryArt 3
  • T au GalleryArt 2
  • T au GalleryArt 5


The Great Devourer

They came from outside of our galaxy – a predator from some distant, forsaken place. Part of a unknowable vast gestalt consciousness known as the Hive Mind, the Tyranids are bio-adapted monstrosities who endlessly travel the stars in search of biomass, consuming entire planets in order to grow and adapt, falling upon worlds in waves until nothing remains but ash and acid-scarred rock. They cannot be bargained with. They cannot be stopped. They are the Tyranids, and they will not cease until they have devoured the universe.

Tyranids offer you a seemingly endless horde of single-minded beasts and hulking monsters armed with claws, talons and bio-weapons. Tyranid armies are incredibly distinctive, using alien creatures where other armies might have tanks and planes! A vast range of models means your choice of tactics is up to you – maybe you’ll take an elite force of armoured, towering brutes, or perhaps a devastating line of bio-artillery backed up by nightmarish alien psykers. After all, to adapt is to survive!

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Visions of War

  • Tyranids GalleryArt 3
  • Tyranids GalleryArt 2
  • Tyranids GalleryArt 1
  • Tyranids GalleryArt 5
  • Tyranids GalleryArt 4


  • Ultramarines

    The Ultramarines epitomise what it means to be Adeptus Astartes. They are beacons of nobility, honour and discipline in a galaxy riven by darkness and disorder. No Chapter holds the Codex Astartes in such hallowed regard as they, and they have utilised its tenets and strategies to achieve glorious victories over ten thousand years.

    The discipline and training of the Ultramarines is without peer – their morale is unshakeable, and they remain combat effective even during a tactical redeployment.

  • Salamanders

    Forged in the crucible of war, the Salamanders are flame bearers and warrior-craftsmen who hail from the volcanic death world of Nocturne. This brotherhood of onyx-skinned guardians has fought stoically to defend the Imperium for ten millennia, wielding master-wrought weapons to hammer the foe into oblivion.

    The Salamanders bear the mantle of Humanity’s protectors as nobly as their cloaks of drakeskin while smiting the Emperor’s enemies with devastating weapons they themselves have crafted. Their mastery over their wargear makes them more accurate and deadly.

  • Black Templars

    The Black Templars are valiant knights and pious champions, unusual among the Adeptus Astartes for venerating the Emperor as a literal god. The Chapter’s fanatical devotion finds focus in constant campaigning. A fleet-based Chapter, they divide their forces into crusades and storm across the galaxy annihilating everything in their path.

    As befits the heirs of the legendary swordsman Sigismund, the Black Templars are specialists in the white-hot fury of close combat. On the tabletop they charge headlong into the fray. Take the fight to the enemy!

  • White Scars

    The roaring of furious engines, deep rumbles of thundering armoured transports, screaming of heavy jump packs at full burn and ferocious war cries herald the devastating assault of the White Scars. Formidable hunters drawn from fierce tribesmen, the White Scars smash through their foes like a spear through their prey.

    The White Scars are the Masters of high speed, hit-and-run warfare. They do battle on the move, wrong-footing their enemies with breakneck manoeuvres and melting away one moment only to crash home like a lightning strike elsewhere the next.

  • Iron Hands

    Adherents to cold logic, intolerant of weakness and utterly without mercy, the Iron Hands are implacable warriors whose resolve is as unflinching as solid adamantine. They are relentless defenders of the Imperium who seek to replace the weakness of the flesh with the unyielding strength of the machine to attain perfection.

    To the Iron Hands, the flesh is weak. Though many Space Marine Chapters utilise bionics to replace body parts of their wounded that have been damaged beyond repair, the Iron Hands replace entirely functional limbs, organs and digits with mechanical augmentations. These allow them to shrug off damage and stay in the fight longer.

  • Imperial Fists

    The Imperial Fists have stood as steadfast defenders of the Imperium since the Great Crusade. Strong of mind and spirit, they are the Emperor’s shield, indomitable and unbreakable. Their stubbornness is matched only by their zealous efforts to see their gene-sire’s dreams for the Imperium made real.

    Masters of siege warfare, the Imperial Fists leave their enemy no place to hide. They can dismantle fortifications with shocking ease, and target entrenched enemies with pinpoint-accurate firepower.

  • Blood Angels

    Resplendent in their Chapter’s gleaming red, the Blood Angels have fought for the Emperor since the First Founding. They are amongst the most noble Space Marine Chapters, yet they bear a hideous curse they conceal from all outsiders and ever strive to resist.

    The Blood Angels are one of the most aggressive of all Chapters, quick to get stuck in with unique, melee-oriented units. If you want to close ranks and tear your enemy apart in a bloody display of martial skill, this is your Chapter.

  • Space Wolves

    With the fury of a winter’s storm and the savagery of apex predators, the Space Wolves tear apart Humanity’s foes with instinctive aggression. The Chapter is a brotherhood of heroes seeking to forge their sagas of honour, ever hungry for glory and dedicated to defending the Imperium.

    The primal ferocity and independence of the Space Wolves makes them one of the most unique Chapters of Space Marines, including a wide variety of specialised units. If you’re looking for a Chapter that goes hard and hits like a ton of bricks, sink your teeth in these savage warriors.

  • Dark Angels

    The Dark Angels were the First Legion. No other Space Marine brotherhood has served the Emperor for as long. Staunch defenders of Mankind, merciless on the attack and stubborn in defence. They are also shrouded in mystery, guarding secrets so shameful they are kept even from many of their own.

    The inclusion of specialised Ravenwing and Deathwing contingents makes the Dark Angels one of the most versatile armies, catering to a variety of play styles. If you want to keep your tactical options open, this Chapter is a great choice.

  • Raven Guard

    Masters of clandestine warfare and the shadowed blade, when the Raven Guard engage in open warfare, it is already too late for their enemies. Sabotage, guerrilla tactics, and targeted strikes are the means by which the Raven Guard apply exactly the right amount of power to utterly destroy their foe.

    Both fast and stealthy, the Raven Guard are hard for your enemy to pin down. If you enjoy springing traps or coordinating a complicated all-out attack at just the right moment, the Raven Guard are for you.

  • Flesh Tearers

    The Flesh Tearers’ blood-rage is infamous, as are their deeds upon the battlefield. They’ve become so divorced from the rest of Mankind that most Imperial Commanders accept the Chapter’s help only in the direst need. Repeated calls have been made by the Inquisition’s Ordo Astartes to have the Chapter investigated.

    Savage and brutal to an extreme, these warriors will stop at nothing to close ranks and tear the enemy limb-from-limb. If you like your Blood Angels even more aggressive, follow Gabriel Seth into battle!

  • Crimson Fists

    Of the Imperial Fists’ many successor Chapters, none better embody the defiant valour of the old Legion than the Crimson Fists. Tested like few others at the forefront of the endless war against the barbaric Orks, they forever rise to new glories as they strive to fulfil their duty.

    The Crimson Fists spent arduous decades on the brink of extinction. This has inured them to pain, and also taught them the value of experience. If you like your Space Marines stubborn and battle-tested, choose the Crimson Fists.

  • Deathwatch

    It is the task of the Deathwatch to defend the Imperium from the ravages of the xenos, countless species of which threaten Mankind in every corner of the galaxy. Drawing their numbers from almost every Space Marine Chapter, each is an elite alien killer of proven skill in battle.

    The galaxy is inhabited with innumerable alien horrors, each non-Human race seen by the Deathwatch as a blight on Mankind’s birthright. Their focus and mission makes them unique amongst Space Marines, and their affiliation with the Inquisition grants them access to exceedingly rare and deadly weapons of war.


  • Szarekhan Dynasty

    The Szarekhan Dynasty exhibit a deep-rooted ability to fashion and maintain the finest wargear of any Necron dynasty. Enemy fire ricochets harmlessly from their magnificent android forms while, in return, every blast and blade stroke the Szarekhan level at their enemies is lethal in the extreme.

    The Szarekhan Dynasty are particularly resilient to psychic damage inflicted by their foes, while striking in return with deadly accuracy. They’re perfect for players looking to silence psykers or capitalise on the biggest guns their army has to offer.

  • Sautekh Dynasty

    Nothing can halt the inexorable march of the Sautekh. These disdainful conquerors will stop at nothing to retake their ancient domain, obliterating any who dare to defy them in a storm of death and destruction.

    The Sautekh Dynasty make the most of Warriors and Immortals, with both unleashing rapid fire over longer ranges than their brethren in other dynasties – all the better to reclaim the galaxy!

  • Novokh Dynasty

    The crimson hosts of Novokh remember well the sacred rites of blooding performed by their warriors in the ancient times. The dynasty’s martial heritage awakens a spark of violent pride within its legions, lending power and ferocity to their attacks.

    The Novokh Dynasty transform your Necrons into a savage close-combat force, with even humble Warriors capable of slicing apart lesser enemies.

  • Nihilakh Dynasty

    Regal and arrogant, the warriors of this proud dynasty will not give a single inch to their foes. They stand their ground defiantly, unleashing a formidably accurate hail of fire that cleanses the stain of the lesser races from the Nihilakh rightful lands.

    This dynasty excels in taking and holding ground, fighting with extra tenacity to secure terrain – and, ultimately, victory. Fast moving units can claim points from even dedicated defenders, while the core of your army is that much harder to shift in defence.

  • Nephrekh Dynasty

    The Crypteks of this dynasty adapted metagold to create what their phaeron calls the ‘golden form’. Their soldiery can utilise translocation beamer technology to transmute their bodies into living light in order to flicker across the battlefield.

    The Nephrekh Dynasty are the most mobile of the Necrons, capable of translocating to wherever they need to be on the tabletop with terrifying speed.

  • Mephrit Dynasty

    The Mephrit have harnessed the wrath of captive stars to imbue into their weapons. This raging solar energy confers immense raw power and can sear through even the thickest armour with ease.

    The Mephrit Dynasty are masters of the short-ranged firefight, striking with armour-rending force when close to their foes. They excel at getting up in the enemy’s face and annihilating them with gauss weaponry.


  • Order of the Valorous Heart

    Girded by their unshakable faith, the Order of the Valorous Heart perseveres through the most gruelling hardships to bring death to the Emperor’s enemies. No amount of suffering is too great for them to bear, and all they endure is paid double to their foes.

    Valorous Heart armies can walk through a storm of bullets and survive unscathed. Their faith in the Emperor reduces the impact of incoming fire and shields them against damage. They’re perfect for a player who wants a hardy, durable force capable of weathering attacks and then dealing damage in return.

  • Order of Our Martyred Lady

    The fires of vengeance burn bright in every Sister of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. They are the God-Emperor’s fiery sword, the deliverers of His holy justice, and to the sound of impassioned prayers they rain unrelenting destruction upon His enemies.

    The more losses they take, the harder Sisters of Our Martyred Lady fight. If you want to battle to the last, with your units increasing in effectiveness as casualties mount, the Order of the Martyred Lady is for you.

  • Order of the Ebon Chalice

    Obstinate in their traditions and indomitable in combat, the Sisters of the Ebon Chalice seek to perfect the martial disciplines of the Daughters of the Emperor, employing tactics that have been honed over millennia to annihilate the enemies of the Imperium.

    Armies of the Ebon Chalice have ways to shrug off mortal wounds and make their Acts of Faith more effective, making them perfect for a player who wants to use precisely timed abilities to turn the tide of battle.

  • Order of the Argent Shroud

    Like a silver bolt, the Sisters of the Argent Shroud strike at the Emperor’s enemies. They are renowned for their speed in combat, and are often first into the fray, where their faith in their protector saint shines bright.

    Sisters of the Argent Shroud can fire their weapons at full effectiveness as they move forwards, allowing them to get into the perfect battlefield positions while raking the enemy with with withering firepower.

  • Order of the Bloody Rose

    The Order of the Bloody Rose are the embodiment of the Emperor’s hatred towards the heretic, the psyker and the mutant. Their Wars of Faith are not waged to save the innocent, but to slaughter the guilty, for only in death can the vile be made pure.

    Bloody Rose units are more effective close to the enemy, striking hard and fast with pistols and melee weapons. They will reward players who like to advance quickly and bring the battle to the foe.

  • Order of the Sacred Rose

    Wreathed in holy light and possessed of divine serenity, the Sisters of the Sacred Rose are the calm at the centre of a violent storm. Their hymns of hope and salvation are underscored in battle by the crack of bolts and the roar of burning promethium.

    Sisters of the Sacred Rose rarely flee, meaning that the enemy will have to work harder to kill them all. If you like an army that will stick around and stay effective into the late game, check them out.


  • The Dread Host

    Fear is a familiar weapon to the Imperium, used to deter enemies and keep seething populations in line. Yet there is no terror as pure and absolute as that invoked when the Emperor’s own fury is unleashed to punish his foes.

    The Dread Host are among the most aggressive of their elite warrior brotherhood. If you seek to take the fight to the foe and unleash the destruction and terror upon them in the name of the Master of Mankind, the Dread Host is for you!

  • The Solar Watch

    The Sol System is amongst the most heavily fortified of Mankind’s stellar holdings. The Adeptus Custodes consider its worlds, star forts and space lanes to be extensions of their master’s palace, and ensure they are guarded accordingly.

    The Solar Watch favour aggressive tactics and advance quickly on the foe while still laying down brutal fusillades from their guardian spears. Look no further for a swift and dynamic edge to your Adeptus Custodes.

  • The Shadowkeepers

    There are terrible things locked away beneath the Emperor’s palace, eldritch terrors from the depths of Old Night that could annihilate the Imperium. To the Shadowkeepers falls the duty of standing guard over them unto the end of time.

    The Shadowkeepers are captors and gaolers without peer, making them especially deadly adversaries for enemy Characters. Give them nowhere to hide with the Shadowkeepers!

  • Emissaries Imperatus

    In the days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor often entrusted crucial messages or artefacts to be borne by his Custodians. It is a duty they still fulfil now, speaking with the authority of the Master of Mankind himself.

    Serving as the Voice of the Emperor, the Emissaries Imperatus both complement and greatly augment other Imperium factions in battle. As such, they make an excellent choice to field within a mixed army of the Imperium.

  • The Aquilan Shield

    Certain servants of the Emperor bear great responsibilities deemed directly relevant to the safety of Terra. Such esteemed figures are afforded the protection of the Aquilan Shield, at least until their usefulness is thought to be at its end.

    As their name suggest, the Aquilan Shield are formed of the most stoic and determined warriors of the Adeptus Custodes. If you seek an unstoppable force against which to break your opponent’s army, look no further.


  • Agripinaa

    Situated on the cusp of the Eye of Terror, this forge world has long stood as a bulwark against the forces of Chaos. Grim of demeanor and likeness, they reserve a special hatred for the twisted minions of the Dark Gods.

    Experts in defensive warfare, these stalwart soldiers are hard to shift from an entrenched position. If you like to hold your ground, look no further than the Skitarii of Agripinaa and their exotic allies.

  • Graia

    This forge world is actually a network of space stations capable of warp travel – though few outsiders are made aware of this capability. Their warriors are hardwired to be intensely dogmatic, rational and logical almost to a fault.

    All Skitarii are stubborn, but the soldiers of Graia refuse to retreat even in face of overwhelming odds. Shrugging off the occasional loss means they’ll stay and fight through it all, so this is the forge world you want if you like sticking to your plan at all costs.

  • Lucius

    Situated on a hollow world with an artificial sun inside it, Lucius has become one of the most productive forge worlds in the Imperium. Lacking natural resources as it does, their armies can be found marching to war anywhere ore and raw materials can be found.

    The wargear produced on Lucius is of impeccable craftsmanship, using a unique alloys called Luciun. This offers their warriors superior protection that allows them to shrug off small arms fire – ideal if you want to take on hordes of lesser enemies.

  • Mars

    The Red Planet is the ancient seat of the Adeptus Mechanicus, stretching far back before the birth of the Imperium. The troops raised there are justifiably proud, and as well equipped as any Skitarii force in the galaxy.

    Clad in the heraldry of Mars itself, their faith in the Cult Mechanicus is beyond reproach. Their unquestioning loyalty allows them to draw power and strength from their worship of the Omnissiah, keeping them mighty throughout the entire game.

  • Metalica

    Having long since destroyed all life on their forge world in the pursuit of industrial efficiency, the entire surface of their planit is clad in hissing pistons, glowing forges, and industrial waste. Their white-robed warriors march to war to spread the purity of the machine to unbelievers.

    Relentless is the word often used to describe the Skitarii of Metalica. If you like to advance implacably forward without reducing your rate of fire, Metalica lets you do just that.

  • Ryza

    Having been invaded not once, but twice by Orks, the Tech-Priests of Ryza have been able to monitor and optimise their weapons and strategies using copious amounts of first-hand data.

    More aggressive than other forge worlds, the warriors of Ryza utilise deadly martial training protocols to inflict maximum damage at close quarters. Not a fan of massive gunlines? Get stuck in with Ryza.

  • Stygies VIII

    Mistrusted even by their peers, this forge world was once saved with the aid of the Aeldari. Secretive to an extreme, they are surrounded by dark whispers of research into forbidden xenos technology.

    A mysterious force protects the warriors of Stygies VIII, making it harder for your opponent to land shots. If you like your cyborg soldiers sneaky, this is the faction for you.


  • Cadians

    For thousands of years, the people of Cadia have known nought but war. All Cadians – no matter their age, gender or station – must know how to fight, and be capable of facing with unwavering courage all the horrors that proliferate in the 41st Millennium.

    Cadians are the quintessential Astra Militarum force. If you want an army that have been forged into expert sharp-shooters by decades of rigorous firing drills, choose them and cut down hordes of enemy fighters with accurate shooting.

  • Catachans

    Catachan is one of the most notorious death worlds in the Imperium, and its planet-wide jungles are lethal beyond reason. Thanks to this brutal environment, Catachans are physically and mentally resilient on a level that much of Humanity simply cannot match.

    In the deadly jungles of Catachan, only the strongest can hope to survive. Choose the sons and daughters of this death world to command an army of ferocious warriors who are taller and more powerful than typical humans.

  • Valhallans

    The regiments of Valhalla have a reputation for stoicism and dedication to the Emperor. When attacking, they are renowned for combining massed artillery barrages with infantry assault waves. When defending they show dogged determination, even in the face of defeat.

    Want an army possessed of a grim fatalism regarding the prospect of death? Then get some Valhallan Ice Warriors, they will march unflinchingly into even the most hellish of firestorms, claiming victory against all the odds.

  • Vostroyans

    For ten thousand years the Vostroyans have given up the firstborn child of every family for service in the Imperial Guard. There are no exceptions to this. Even the greatest noble families must comply.

    If you like slaying the Emperor’s enemies with prized heirlooms then the Vostroyans are for you. Each wields a lovingly hand-crafted weapon, engraved with intricate ornamental detail. These are no artisanal trinkets, however, as victims of their deadly accurate firepower will attest.

  • Armageddon

    The most renowned of Armageddon’s soldiery are the Steel Legion mechanised infantry regiments. While it is difficult for most Imperial commanders and Planetary Governors to obtain and maintain enough of the vehicles needed for such formations, Armageddon has produced hundreds of these swift-moving regiments.

    Crush your foes beneath the tracks of the Steel Legions of Armageddon. They employ more tanks and vehicles than any other regiment and butcher their enemies with a completely dispassionate efficiency.

  • Tallarn

    The regiments drawn from Tallarn consist of mobile guerrilla fighters, evasive as they are opportunistic. They are masters of hit-and-run warfare, striking a killing blow at the heart of an enemy formation before returning to their own lines, prepared to pounce once more.

    Surprise your enemies with the lightning ambushes of the regiments of Tallarn. If you want to strike with overwhelming force before swiftly fading into the wilderness as if your army was never there at all, then this is the army for you.

  • Mordian

    The Mordian Iron Guard are superbly drilled and accoutred soldiers from a world bathed in perpetual night and cursed by the attentions of Chaos. In battle, the Iron Guard present a solid wall of brightly uniformed, flawlessly formed troops.

    Are you a fan of proud, unyielding soldiers? Then the Mordians are for you. They fight and die facing the enemy, standing tall in perfectly ordered ranks and unleashing volley after volley of devastating las-fire.

  • Militarum Tempestus

    Militarum Tempestus Scions are cold, proficient killers whose deadly firepower reduces foes to smouldering heaps of corpses. Trained in the Schola Progenium, these men commit to a rigorous program of physical and mental indoctrination that raises them to the peak of human conditioning.

    Command the very best of the best with the Scions of the Militarum Tempestus. These merciless killers are trained to completely obliterate their foes in a pinpoint fusillade of hot-shot las rounds.


  • Tzeentch

    The Daemons of Tzeentch surround themselves in layer upon layer of mind-traps and illusions, each mirage shifting into the next. The result utterly confounds those nearby that would do the Daemons harm, and means their attacks are often ineffective.

    Daemons of Tzeentch forces are psychic powerhouses, using warpflame to smite their enemies on the tabletop with incredible effect. Boasting excellent invulnerable saves all round, they’re pretty tough, too.

  • Nurgle

    The Daemons of Nurgle are surrounded by an aura of pestilence and disease that infects all nearby, as their talons and blades drip with thrice-ripened plagues. The merest touch of these weapons, in the presence of such a creature, can cause a mortal to wither and die in seconds.

    Nurgle armies are slow and indomitable. They crush the enemy with tides of Plaguebearers, while using vast Great Unclean Ones and Beasts of Nurgle to do devastating damage in close combat.

  • Slaanesh

    The Daemons of Slaanesh dance across the battlefield with a grace and speed that belies belief. They can close the killing fields of a battlefield in a heartbeat, falling upon their surprised and panic-stricken prey with psychotic delight

    Slaanesh armies are horrifyingly fast, striking the enemy before they’ve even had a chance to respond! Once they’re in close combat, they’re able to slice through armour with ease, making them a great shock assault force.

  • Khorne

    The Daemons of Khorne perceive everything through a red mist of undiluted rage, and they cannot wait to spill blood. They surge across the battlefield to get to grips with their foes as quickly as possible so that the slaughter can begin in earnest.

    Khorne armies are simple, brutal, and effective, using elite close-combat infantry and cavalry supported by rampaging Bloodthirsters to crush the opponent up close – ideal for countering shooting forces.


  • House Lucaris

    Of all the Iconoclast houses, there are none more bold nor tenacious than House Lucaris. They have waged multiple barbaric campaigns against the Imperium, butchering those who fight in the Emperor’s name in all corners of the galaxy.

    House Lucaris armies are focused on close combat, striking with savage accuracy on the charge and making them a great force for fans of Knight Rampagers.

  • House Herpetrax

    The Fallen Nobles of House Herpetrax are indomitable, refusing to yield even as their Knight suits burn around them.

    House Hereptrax Knights are durable even by the terrifying standards of their brethren. They fight on where lesser Knights would have fallen, forcing your enemies to dedicate extra resources to slaying your war machines.

  • House Khymere

    When the Cicatrix Maledictum tore across the stars, the Knights of House Khymere were amongst the nightmarish warriors who burst from the Great Rift to prey upon the worlds of the Imperium.

    House Khymere forces are most effective up-close and personal, unleashing devastating melee attacks that wound even the toughest foes with ease while shattering the morale of lesser enemies.

  • House Vextrix

    The Knights of House Vextrix are amongst the most loyal servants of the Legio Mortis Traitor Titan Legion, who are known to many in the Imperium as the Death’s Heads. Centuries of service to these uncompromising masters has made them incredibly effective warriors.

    House Vextrix forces are punishingly accurate, making them great at both shooting and brutal melee. Whether you’re a fan of unleashing volleys of devastating firepower, or getting in close with a massive chainsword, you’ll enjoy using House Vextrix.

  • House Khomentis

    No Imperial record exists of the nightmares that befell the world of Matarakh, but the Khomentis Knights now fight for the Dark Mechanicum. With lances that can spread across an entire continent, they close in around their enemy’s position, encircling their prey and cutting off all routes of escape.

    House Khomentis forces get stronger in melee as they take damage, meaning your Knights get more dangerous as the battle goes on – and considering how dangerous a Knight is to begin with, this is terrifying indeed!


  • Black Legion

    Inexorable and unflinching, the Black Legion exemplify the threat posed by the Heretic Astartes, emerging from the Eye of Terror for the sole purpose of erasing the Imperium from the galaxy.

    Black Legion forces are masters of mobility, advancing on the enemy while keeping up withering hails of fire and using Terminators to devastating effect. With Abaddon the Despoiler on their side, they’re nigh unstoppable…

  • Thousand Sons

    Clad in ornate armour of rich lapis lazuli and purest gold, the Thousand Sons are enthralled to Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways. Led by both their Daemon Primarch – Magnus the Red – and by Sorcerers drunk on arcane power, they seek to bring about the Imperium’s lasting destruction.

    Few armies can match the psychic dominance of the Thousand Sons. As their Sorcerers unleash destructive powers, ranks of Rubric Marines march in lifeless lockstep, supported by hordes of deranged cultists and avian Tzaangors. If you want to unleash foul magicks and arcane rituals, join the sons of Magnus.

  • Death Guard

    Once a proud and loyal Legion, treachery has transformed the Adeptus Astartes of the Death Guard into plague-ridden hulks. Now, they persecute wars across the galaxy for Nurgle and their Daemon Primarch, Mortarion.

    Death Guard armies are slow, inexorable, and unbelievably effective at mid-range. Once they’ve waded into position through enemy fire, they can annihilate their foes with fusillades of bolters and alchemical weaponry before charging to finish them, taking almost no damage in return!

  • World Eaters

    Angron’s sons hurl themselves towards their foe, intent on tearing them apart in a brutal whirlwind of violence. Twisted by the brain implants known as the Butchers Nails, they live only to spill blood for Khorne.

    World Eaters armies are brutal close combat forces, leveraging Khorne Berzerkers to shatter foes in relentless melees. Few can remain standing when such an army gets into close range! Their forces can also incude the infamous champion of the Blood God, Khârn the Betrayer.

  • Night Lords

    The Night Lords revel in fear and mayhem. They will take apart an opposing army piecemeal, dividing and isolating the weakest enemies so that their confused cries can be savoured.

    Night Lords forces shatter enemy morale through their terror tactics. This maximises the impact of your Chaos Space Marines – in moments, a single gruesome death can become a devastating rout.

  • Emperor’s Children

    Inured to everyday sensations by unnaturally long lifetimes of indulgence, the Emperor’s Children find stimulation only in excess, be it shocking acts of violence or gratuitous displays of martial prowess.

    Emperor’s Children armies are savage at any range, either pummeling enemies into submission with sonic weaponry from their Noise Marines or striking in blisteringly fast combats that leave the enemy no time to react.

  • Iron Warriors

    Cold-hearted warriors whose only faith is in their wargear, the Iron Warriors have perfected siege warfare, and are able to gouge out even the most stubbornly entrenched enemies. Each lives by a brutal, uncompromising creed – Iron Within, Iron Without!

    None can hide from an Iron Warriors army – wherever your enemies cower, you’ll strike them with deadly accuracy, ignoring their puny fortifications and slaying them with punishing hails of fire.

  • Word Bearers

    The Word Bearers march to war for the glory of the Chaos pantheon, stirred into a rapturous state of fanaticism by blasphemous catechisms and the dark promises of the Ruinous Powers.

    On the tabletop, the zeal of the Word Bearers makes them resistant to devastating losses, allowing them to field vast units of elite infantry without any fear of them fleeing.

  • Alpha Legion

    The warriors of the Alpha Legion are masters of duplicity, able to mislead and misdirect even the most vigilant of enemies before delivering the killing blow. Their loyalties are ever in question – their effectiveness is not.

    Alpha Legion forces are deadly on the tabletop, as they are harder to hit at a distance. This allows their own fire support units to lay down withering fire with little fear of reprisal.

  • Brazen Beasts

    The Brazen Beasts charge into the enemy with animal fury, tearing them limb from limb. They leave behind nothing but mangled corpses and blazing devastation. Their legend may not be as long as those of the Traitor Legions, but given time, it will be just as bloody!

    Brazen Beasts forces can pierce even the heaviest armour in close, combat, with even standard infantry capable of punching holes in terminators, tanks, and more besides.

  • Red Corsairs

    The Red Corsairs are consummate raiders with vast resources at their disposal. When they emerge from the warp, they strike fast with overwhelming force to achieve their objectives before the enemy can respond.

    With an array of strategic options to play with, Red Corsairs forces can capitalise on tactical tricks more than any other Chaos Space Marines – perfect for plotters, planners, and tacticians!

  • Crimson Slaughter

    For the Crimson Slaughter, the maddening cries of tormented spirits can only be satiated by the spilling of blood. Once loyal Space Marines, they are now among the Imperium’s most feared and hated foes.

    Crimson Slaughter armies turn carnage into strategic opportunity. Once they’ve picked up momentum, they’re incredibly hard to stop, throwing out deadly tactical ploys even in the later stages of the battle.

  • Flawless Host

    The Flawless Host have an unshakeable faith in their own abilities, their every strike perfectly timed and expertly placed.

    The Flawless Host are an incredible close-combat force, drowning enemies with a vast volume of attacks that maximise your most powerful warrior’s abilities.

  • The Purge

    The Purge seek to cleanse the galaxy of everything that lives, not moving on until each of their opponents is completely obliterated. They worship Nurgle, but their true master is a relentless and unflinching nihilism.

    On the tabletop, forces dedicated to The Purge are utterly ruthless when it comes to finishing off damaged units. By focusing their fire, they can easily down even the most dangerous of enemies.

  • The Scourged

    The constant whispering of Daemons ensures that The Scourged know what course of action an enemy will take almost before they themselves do. Serving Tzeentch, the God of Change, they are uncannily effective combatants.

    Charge a force belonging to The Scourged at your peril – with brutal point-blank accuracy on their side, these Chaos Space Marines are excellent at defending against melee-focused forces.

  • Creations of Bile

    Fabius Bile is a figure of terror and legend throughout the 41st Millennium. Having mastered – and twisted – the arts of genetic modification, he goes to war at the head of an army of horrifying creations that match the strength of the Chaos Space Marines with sinister modifications of his own.

    Creations of BIle armies are ideal if you’re looking for a fast and hard-hitting force of infantry. With Fabius Bile allowing you to customise your forces even further, this army is ideal for tinkerers, schemers, or just anyone who wants to rip enemies apart in close combat!


  • Alaitoc

    The Aeldari of Alaitoc have spread their influence further afield than other craftworlds, their many agents and Outcasts acting as the craftworld’s eyes and ears as they wander the galaxy. This subterfuge extends to the battlefield, where Alaitoc’s warriors favour stealth and misdirection over brute force.

    Famed above all other craftworlds for the sublime skill of their Rangers, choose Alaitoc if you favour using stealth and guile to prove the superiority of the Aeldari in battle.

  • Biel-Tan

    The Aeldari of Biel-Tan – the most militant of all craftworlds – are consumed with bitterness. Their numbers depleted and their craftworld shattered, they continue to pursue their campaign of xenocide against all the lesser races of the galaxy.

    Biel-Tan is renowned for the sheer number of Aspect Temples it hosts – and for the quality of its warriors in their chosen field of warfare. If you seek to form an army around a solid core of Aspect Warriors, Biel-Tan is the clear choice.

  • Iyanden

    The once-great craftworld of Iyanden is now a place of ghosts as much as of the living. Despite this, the Asuryani of that faded realm do not meekly accept their fate – instead they call ever more of their fallen ancestors back into the fight for survival.

    Since repelling a devastating attack from Hive Fleet Kraken at terrible cost, the people of Iyanden have relied upon their Ghost Warriors with increasing frequency. Iyanden is the go-to choice if you seek to wield the full might of the Ghost Warriors.

  • Saim-Hann

    The jetbike-riding kindreds of Saim-Hann are renowned for their preference for fast, mobile warfare, striking as a serpent before falling back beyond the reach of retaliation. Theirs is a craftworld of ancient tradition and a proud warrior culture.

    Famed for its Wild Rider clans, the warriors of Saim-Hann are masters of the skies. If you seek to use blistering speed and the dynamic movement to outmanoeuvre your opponent, then Saim-Hann is your Craftworld of choice.

  • Ulthwé

    Once one of the most populous craftworlds, Ulthwé has fought an unending war around the Eye of Terror. Led by a peerless Seer Council, Ulthwé has been a bulwark against the utter destruction of the Aeldari. Now, with their own forces splintered and Chaos rampant, they are tested like never before…

    Craftworld Ulthwé is home to many of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy, Eldrad Ulthran among them. If you seek to achieve total psychic domination over any opponent you face, Craftworld Ulthwé will offer you the tools (and psykers) you need to do so!

  • Ynnari

    Devoted to the worship of the new-born Aeldari god of the dead, Ynnead, the Ynarri are zealous warriors from the Drukhari, Craftworlds and Harlequins who have forsaken their former oaths in exchange for salvation – and strange, death defying powers..

    The Ynnari allow you to combine some of your favourite Aeldari models in a single faction, offering access to incredible heroes with all manner of strange powers. When dedicated to this sub-faction, your forces witll be able to turn death to their favour – whether it’s their enemies’ or their own…


  • Kabal of the Black Heart

    Though by far the largest and most influential of the Drukhari kabals, the Black Heart has been taught by Vect to never be satisfied, and to rapaciously pursue ever more power.

    Drukhari units draw power from their foes’ suffering, and the Black Heart are even more attuned to these emanations, making them perfect for players who want an elite force with lots of abilities very early in the game.

  • Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue

    The toxin crafters of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue tailor their venoms to the targets of a raid, ensuring they will have the most gruesome effect on the victims’ physiologies.

    Poisoned weapons, such as splinter rifles, are more effective in Poisoned Tongue armies. Unleash venomous volleys with your Kabalite Warriors and watch your enemies fall before you!

  • Kabal of the Flayed Skull

    The Kabalites of the Flayed Skull excel in aerial warfare, using their speed and manoeuvrability to harry the most elusive targets.

    Load up your transports and get them into position easily with the Flayed Skull – flying models have increased movement and accurate firepower, making them exceptionally deadly.

  • Kabal of the Obsidian Rose

    Every weapon produced in the workshops of the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose is a masterpiece, equal in accuracy and lethality to the finest armaments of the other Kabals.

    Many of the weapons of an Obsidian Rose army operate at longer ranges than others, making this a choice for anyone who wants to engage from a distance and cut down the foe before they reach your lines.

  • Cult of the Cursed Blade

    There is no place for frailties amongst the Cult of the Cursed Blade, for they teach that weakness exists only to be exploited by the strong. Those Wyches who survive in the Cult’s arena are the physical embodiment of this philosophy.

    Stronger than other Wyches, and less likely to flee, Cursed Blade forces are ideal for any player who likes to make an impact and stick around for the late game.

  • Cult of Strife

    Whether enthralling spectators in the arena or slaughtering their way through an enemy army, the Cult of Strife have developed a penchant for bombastically violent opening manoeuvres which are as beautifully orchestrated as they are viciously deadly.

    Slashing and stabbing rapidly as they rush into melee, Cult of Strife armies are perfect for players who like to adopt a hit and run approach, hunting enemy units and striking hard.

  • Cult of the Red Grief

    Wyches of the Cult of the Red Grief revel in high-speed murder, and there is fierce competition amongst their ranks as to who can butcher their victims the quickest.

    Units from the Cult of the Red Grief can cross the battlefield and get into melee astonishingly quickly – if you like to get stuck in early, they’re the force for you.

  • The Prophets of Flesh

    The Prophets of Flesh have modified their own bodies and those of their servants to an extraordinary extent – so much so that few weapons their enemies bring to bear against them can inflict damage greater than that they have already endured.

    If you want an incredibly durable force, join the Prophets of Flesh – they are so inured to pain that they can survive even the most vicious attacks that would cripple lesser warriors.

  • The Dark Creed

    The Coven of the Dark Creed has perfected every method of inducing terror, to the extent that their mere presence fills the minds of their enemies with nightmarish dread.

    The mere presence of the Coven of the Dark Creed makes enemies more likely to flee in terror. Use this coven if you want to reduce enemy numbers quickly with carefully targeted strikes.

  • Coven of Twelve

    The practice of internecine assassinations that exists amongst the Coven of Twelve ensures that weapons and wits are kept razor-sharp at all times, and only those members who are master flesh-carvers survive long.

    Coven of Twelve armies want to close with the enemy quickly and butcher them in close combat, their weapons piercing and carving through armour. If you like to be up close and personal, you’ll want to join the coven.

  • Ynnari

    Devoted to the worship of the new-born Aeldari god of the dead, Ynnead, the Ynarri are zealous warriors from the Drukhari, Craftworlds and Harlequins who have forsaken their former oaths in exchange for salvation – and strange, death defying powers..

    The Ynnari allow you to combine some of your favourite Aeldari models in a single faction, offering access to incredible heroes with all manner of strange powers. When dedicated to this sub-faction, your forces witll be able to turn death to their favour – whether it’s their enemies’ or their own…


  • Cult of the Four-armed Emperor

    The Cult of the Four-armed Emperor are cunning, wily and endlessly patient. They are the masters of subterranean assault. Wherever one of their devoted walks in the open, a thousand more lurk beneath, ready to surge up for the kill.

    Do you dream of patiently planning a decisive ambush? Then join the Cult of the Four-armed Emperor. Some of your followers won’t see the light until the day of insurrection but, when the moment comes, your troglodytes will attack with speed and savagery.

  • The Twisted Helix

    The cultists of the Twisted Helix did not have the Genestealer Curse thrust upon them, but instead voluntarily took it into their society through extreme medical experimentation. They harbour unnumbered bio-horrors amongst their ranks.

    Play the mad scientist with the Twisted Helix. They excel in the arts of insane alchemy and dark experimentation, creating monstrous hybrids of all sizes and shapes who have the energies of forbidden bio-chemical concoctions boiling through their veins to lend them uncanny strength and speed.

  • The Pauper Princes

    The Pauper Princes believe that greatness can only be found in self-sacrifice and humility. Zealous to the point of mania, they bring the edifice of the Imperium low to ensure the new order can thrive – even if it costs every life save for the Patriarch itself.

    Do you see your heroes as the stars of your army and everyone else as just cannon fodder? Well, the cultists of the Pauper Princes are so zealous they would gladly hurl themselves on an active frag grenade to protect their cult leaders.

  • The Hivecult

    The Hivecult are militant, organised and hierarchical. They infiltrate not only the criminal underworlds and hive gangs of their host planets, but also the Astra Militarum regiments that recruit from them. To the Hivecult, it is a divine duty to be armed and dangerous.

    The members of the Hivecult are used to fighting in tight-knit military units. If you want a force well-drilled in the use of sidearms as well as repurposed industrial tools, then is your Cult. In battle, they fight with an uncanny discipline that sees them triumph against the odds.

  • The Bladed Cog

    The Cult of the Bladed Cog is born as much of metal as it is of raw human stock, and is further augmented by the extra-galactic anatomies of the Tyranids. This great blend of human, xenos beast and war machine is a deadly threat to its Adeptus Mechanicus hosts.

    If you see no difference between man, machine and alien then join the Bladed Cog. Their belief that all three can be made into a single, all-conquering organism has given them a supernatural resilience that makes them strong and hardy combatants.

  • The Rusted Claw

    The weather-beaten, rugged survivalists of the Rusted Claw are more at home on the open wastes than they are in the claustrophobic confines of an Imperial underhive. They are the pioneers, the nomads and the prospectors of their kind.

    Throw away your material possessions and join the cult of the Rusted Claw. While they are often clad in rags and tattered leather, the skin and chitin beneath is as hard as oak.


  • Masque of the Midnight Sorrow

    The Masque of the Midnight Sorrow numbers many bands of Players, scattered far across the realms of the Aeldari, all fighting a constant war against the Ruinous Powers. The worshippers of Chaos face few more determined or single-minded foes: these Harlequins will perform any deed to defy She Who Thirsts.

    Midnight Sorrow units can always be in the right place to launch a devastating counter-attack, making them perfect for players who want to control the flow of the battlefield.

  • Masque of the Silent Shroud

    Facing the Harlequins of the Laughing God in battle is a terrifying experience, but few masques are as sinister or unsettling as those of the Silent Shroud. They fight without a word, making barely more sound than a sheet of silk whispering across a corpse’s skin.

    The Silent Shroud affect the morale of nearby units, increasing their likelihood of fleeing under fire. If surgical strikes are your style, you might want to consider the Silent Shroud.

  • Masque of the Soaring Spite

    Threading paths through their enemies’ fire, the Soaring Spite strike from on high with the suddenness of a lunging serpent. Their victims barely have time to realise their danger before the Harlequins are dispensing death throughout their ranks.

    If you’re a fan of rapid strikes, check out the Soaring Spite, who use swift transports to surround and devastate their foes.

  • Masque of the Veiled Path

    The Masque of the Veiled Path epitomises every mistrustful thought and resentful prejudice Humanity has ever held for the Aeldari. Amongst the Asuryani, it is said that to trust the Veiled Path is to step willingly into the void. For all this, they are skilled warriors.

    The Veiled Path makes your opponents’ melee attacks a gamble – perfect for players who enjoy making their opponents second-guess their actions.

  • The Masque of the Frozen Stars

    The Frozen Stars strike wherever and however they believe will elicit the greatest and grisliest amusement. In some ways they carry themselves as a force for good, striving to inspire their fellow Aeldari and follow the steps of the Final Act.

    Frozen Stars armies get more powerful when they play aggressively, and are a good pick if you like to engage quickly and devastate your enemies with a flurry of blows.

  • Masque of the Dreaming Shadow

    In the Dreaming Shadow, the fervour and energy of the Harlequins becomes something grimmer and more funereal. They are the guardians of myriad symbolic underworlds; their charge is to ensure that the dead stay dead, and the slumbering never wake.

    Mortally wounded warriors of the Dreaming Shadow will attempt to land one final strike upon their foe – perfect if you want to ensure that even in death, your units are effective.

  • Ynnari

    Devoted to the worship of the new-born Aeldari god of the dead, Ynnead, the Ynarri are zealous warriors from the Drukhari, Craftworlds and Harlequins who have forsaken their former oaths in exchange for salvation – and strange, death defying powers..

    The Ynnari allow you to combine some of your favourite Aeldari models in a single faction, offering access to incredible heroes with all manner of strange powers. When dedicated to this sub-faction, your forces witll be able to turn death to their favour – whether it’s their enemies’ or their own…


  • House Cadmus

    Since first settling on the planet Raisa – located upon the very edge of the known galaxy – House Cadmus have taken great pride in their autonomous nature. In recent times, when the shadow of
    Hive Fleet Leviathan fell over Gryphonne IV, the Knights of Raisa fought ferociously in its ultimately
    doomed defence. The destruction of the forge world freed House Cadmus from their obligations to
    the Tech-Priests, resulting in a change of allegiance that was widely embraced.

    The Knights of House Cadmus hone their skills in competitive hunts – they excel at destroying enemy infantry, cutting them down in droves with deadly sweeps of their chainblades and mailed fists.

  • House Terryn

    No knightly house exemplifies proud martial tradition like House Terryn. Its Nobles have fought for Humanity since its founding in the 25th Millennium. The house derives its name from Maximilian Terryn, first ruler of the tropical world of Voltoris, a planet colonised at the start of the Age of Strife.

    Driving their towering steeds ever onward, the Nobles of House Terryn are amongst the most eager to get to grips with their foes. When they’ve chosen their marks, they will stop at nothing to close ranks and get stuck in. If you want to thunder across the battlefield, this house is for you.

  • House Griffith

    The Knights of House Griffith strive to maintain the legacy of martial excellence established by the first colonists of Dragon’s End, named for the winged drakes native to the world. Legend has it, before the STC Knight suits could be completed, settlers were forced to fight these beasts from horseback.

    Wielding gargantuan weapons with the skill and grace of an expert duellist, scions of House Griffith live for the glory of combat. They’re at their best charging into combat in defence of their allies. Griffith is your house if you want to revel in meeting out justice, up close and personal.

  • House Hawkshroud

    There is no knightly house more loyal than House Hawkshroud. Its Nobles have cultivated an impeccable reputation for honouring their debts and keeping their word regardless of the personal cost, often on campaign fulfilling the promises of their lords and laying down their lives to uphold past alliances.

    Whilst their oaths remain unfulfilled, the Knights of House Hawkshroud will stand and fight to their dying breath. Even when they’re taking punishing damage, they remain effective longer than most. Ideal for a general who values outlasting their opponents.

  • House Mortan

    By the time the antecedents of House Mortan had arrived upon Kimdaria, the mysterious nebula known as the Black Pall surrounded the planet. Fell creatures roamed the ink-black landscapes, and it was only through the skill and dedication of the colonists’ Knights that they were driven back and the first settlements established.

    The Knights of House Mortan know well the value of a well-placed strike – they honour a well-executed killing blow above all else. When fighting at close quarters, they rain deadly-accurate blows upon their quarry, each movement carefully calculated for maximum effect.

  • House Krast

    Chrysis was the first Knight world to be rediscovered during the Great Crusade. Its Nobles showed no hesitation in joining the Emperor, making House Krast amongst the longest-serving defenders of Mankind’s realm. Krast was the world’s only knightly house to survive the calamitous
    events of the Horus Heresy.

    The Nobles of House Krast are driven to take on the largest foes, making them peerless hunters of renegade Knights. Their cold, calculated efficiency gives them the edge in lethal close-quarters battles and duels.

  • House Raven

    Only a handful of cities remain on the Questor Mechanicus world of Kolossi. Greatest of these is the Keep Inviolate, an immense stronghold whose glittering peak welcomes home the Nobles of House Raven as they descend from orbit into the planet’s rolling banks of smog.

    Ever advancing, the guns of House Raven never once let up. If you want to stomp implacably across the battlefield, unleashing copious amounts of firepower, House Raven is for you.

  • House Taranis

    True servants of the Machine God, the warriors of House Taranis bear the honour of belonging to the first of the knightly houses, and although they bear the names of Noble and Knight, they do not follow the feudal ways of their kin.

    Founded on Mars, House Taranis believe themselves uniquely favoured by the Omnissiah. It may well be true – their superbly maintained machines shrug off blows that first seem to have struck true. If you like your enemies stare in disbelief at the amount of punishment you can take, choose House Taranis.

  • House Vulker

    Despite being one of the greater houses amongst those aligned to the Adeptus Mechanicus, House Vulker is reclusive and mysterious. Yet when called to war, the Knights of House Vulker leave behind
    their curious trappings, striding out to do battle with all the surety of their peers.

    House Vulker places a premium upon well-coordinated plans for both attack and defence, always engaging the enemy at the optimal distance by utilising carefully cogitated trajectories. The accuracy of their close-range firepower is legendary amongst the knightly houses.


  • Bad Moons

    Every other clan knows that the Bad Moons are showy gits with too many teef for their own good. They also know to dive for cover when the yellow-daubed loons open fire – the sheer amount of dakka that a Bad Moons warband kicks out is amazing to behold.

    Want to show off the biggest, loudest, and shiniest shootas? Then maybe you’ve got the teef to be a Bad Moon. With all manner of targeting arrays, extra ammo feeds, and bandoliers of additional munitions, Bad Moons can typically lay down more dakka than any other clan.

  • Blood Axes

    Blood Axes are generally held to be ‘a bit un-Orky’ by most greenskins. This reputation comes from their tendency to use actual battlefield tactics, often to great effect – nothing surprises an enemy commander like Orks who actually think about how, where, and when to fight.

    If you like your Orks to be duplicitous, untrustworthy gits that couldn’t care less how other Orks see them, the Blood Axes are for you. Their instinctive grasp of battlefield strategy allows them to surprise even the most experienced enemies with their manoeuvres, feints, and ambushes.

  • Deathskulls

    Orks of the Deathskulls are cunning, light-fingered, untrustworthy and insular, with a mean streak a mile wide. That said, there are none more skilled when it comes to looting the battlefield and cobbling together weapons and tanks from the resultant junk.

    Are you superstitious? Is your favourite colour blue? Maybe you’re already a Deathskull. This clan’s members are in the habit of daubing themselves liberally with blue warpaint before every battle, making sure to mark their vehicles and wargear with the colour too.

  • Goffs

    Big, violent, brutally direct, and utterly disinterested in anything they consider to be ‘mukkin’ about’, the Goffs go to war in huge hordes and trample their enemies into the floor by dint of sheer aggression.

    Bashin’. Smashin’. Krumpin’. These are the Goffs’ favourite things. If you want to surge across the battlefield in a roaring green tide, this is the clan for you. Once you get stuck into hand-to-hand combat, the Goffs quickly overwhelm their enemies by dint of sheer violent ferocity.

  • Evil Sunz

    Not every Speed Freek belongs to the Evil Sunz Clan, but the vast majority of the Evil Sunz are most definitely Speed Freeks. If it goes fast, kills people violently, and is painted a bright and garish red, then an Evil Sunz Ork probably already has three of it, and undoubtedly wants another.

    The Evil Sunz are firm believers in the old Ork adage ‘red ones go fasta’. If you feel the need for speed, then go for this Clan and daub your vehicles, warriors, and even yourself bright red. For the Evil Sunz, this practice actually seems to work.

  • Snakebites

    Snakebites are traditionalists, and many of them are only one or two rusty rungs above Feral Orks on the ladder of civilisation. This has never held Snakebite warbands back, however, for when they unleash their tribal fury upon the enemy, there are few who can long withstand it.

    Throw out that ‘newfangled rubbish’ and join the Snakebites. While other clans may see them as somewhat backwards, their bizarre habit of actually allowing themselves to be bitten by venomous serpents to prove their toughness, means that they breed remarkably resilient warriors.

  • Freebooterz

    Freebooterz are outcasts from Ork society, greenskins who by choice or through exile have left their tribe and clan behind. They rampage around the galaxy in piratical mercenary warbands, fighting together even as they compete viciously with each other to accrue the most loot.

    Nab all the best loot for yourself by joining the Freebooterz. In battle, they strive to outdo their fellow greenskins – if one mob of Freebooterz starts doing well, their comrades will strive all the harder to show them up and grab the glory for themselves.


  • Bork’an

    The sept world of Bork’an is a centre of learning and academia, and its system has many rich mining planets. Bork’an has a high percentage of Earth caste, and Fire Warriors from here are frequently outfitted with prototype weapons and equipment.

    Armed with advanced and experimental weaponry, the warriors of Bork’an are accurate at even longer ranges than their peers. Choose this sept if you want to leave your enemies nowhere to hide.

  • Farsight Enclaves

    Formed by the renegade Commander, O’Shovah, the Farsight Enclaves have declared themselves independent of the T’au Empire. Protected by a formidable ring of floating fortresses, this martial-led sept is well-placed to protect itself from all manner of threats.

    Master the art of Mont’ka with Commander O’Shovah and the Farsight Enclaves. If you want your forces to get up close and personal then this is the army for you – its warriors are experts in the deadly art of engaging the enemy at close quarters and annihilating them.

  • Sa’cea

    The world of Sa’cea is the hottest and most densely populated of all T’au worlds, producing more colonisation fleets during the Second Sphere Expansion than any other. Warriors of Sa’cea are regarded as particularly honourable.

    Want an army that can keep their head amidst the heat of battle? The Fire Warriors of the Sa’cea Sept have mastered the vital importance of fire discipline and combined arms thanks to their extensive training in the close-range hell of city combat.

  • T’au

    T’au is the birthplace of the T’au race, and it is here that the High Council convenes, its decrees shaping the entire empire. The planet remains the centre of T’au culture and bureaucracy, and produces many Fire caste warriors. None can rival T’au Sept for prestige.

    Unleash a storm of searing pulse energy on any foe foolish enough to charge your forces. T’au Sept Fire Warriors are rigorously drilled to utilise overlapping fields of advanced firepower.

  • Vior’la

    The planet Vior’la orbits a binary star and its name translates as ‘hot-blooded’. It is known to produce especially aggressive and skilled warriors. The most respected Fire caste academies reside upon Vior’la.

    Want to take the fight to the enemy, utilising a highly mobile and aggressive form of warfare? You’re in luck! After years of training in the art of firing on the move, the Commanders of Vior’la are able to harness their warriors’ fiery temperament and do just that.

  • Dal’yth

    Dal’yth Sept was ravaged during the Damocles Crusade – many of its outer colonies and several cities on its sept world were destroyed. It has recovered quickly, thanks to its busy trade ports. Large numbers of aliens can be seen here alongside its famously efficient Water caste merchants and diplomats.

    The T’au of Dal’yth prize victory at any cost, and have mastered the art of sudden ambushes and elaborate traps. If you want a sneaky army that makes extensive use of adaptive camouflage fields to elude and disorient your enemies then this is the sept for you.


  • Hive Fleet Behemoth

    Hive Fleet Behemoth was the first tendril of the Tyranid invasion to awaken after the long journey though the void. Its brutal, headlong charge through the eastern Imperium was driven by a ravenous hunger that had smouldered for countless aeons – a hunger it could never satiate.

    If you favour an aggressive play style, then Behemoth are for you. This Hive Fleet unleashes the full might of its swarms in an overwhelming frontal assault. As the most aggressive of the Hive Fleets, Behemoth excel at getting into combat to feed.

  • Hive Fleet Gorgon

    Hive Fleet Gorgon has scoured the Eastern Fringe for many centuries, wreaking hideous losses upon the T’au Empire. Its toxic hosts despoil and denature as they sweep across a world, spitting a miasma of polluting spores into darkening skies, and agonising their prey with a potent blend of necrotic poisons.

    Use a range of toxins that adapt with terrifying speed to any foe, agonising and ravaging the bodies of their unfortunate victims with Hive Fleet Gorgon. Their enemies learn the hard way that they shouldn’t let the swarm-beasts from this Hive Fleet get too close.

  • Hive Fleet Hydra

    Hive Fleet Hydra drifts along in the wake of the Tyranid invasion, seeking out defeated splinters of previous hive fleets, cannibalising them and absorbing their genetic memory. Though Hydra appears relatively small, it is capable of unleashing vast hordes of bioforms, burying its prey under sheer weight of numbers.

    Do you dream of overwhelming your prey with sheet weight of numbers? Then Hive Fleet Hydra is for you if you like drowning them in a tide of chitin, flesh and slashing claws. None can stand before the hordes of Hydra.

  • Hive Fleet Jormungandr

    Hive Fleet Jormungandr is an insidious menace. The Imperium has claimed to have destroyed the hive fleet on several occasions, only to discover that Jormungandr has burrowed deep beneath the infrastructure of its worlds like a flesh-eating parasite, lying in wait for the perfect moment to re-emerge.

    Shock your foes by emerging from subterranean tunnels to attack. This makes the warrior-organisms of Hive Fleet Jormungandr extremely difficult to target – by the time you strike from your hidden locations, it is far too late for your enemies.

  • Hive Fleet Kraken

    Seen on a galactic scale, Hive Fleet Kraken is attacking across a front that covers thousands of light years, making a cohesive defence impossible to mount. In the face of this seemingly unstoppable threat, whole Imperial systems have been evacuated or simply abandoned to their fate.

    Harry your enemies and unbalance their forces with the lightning-fast flanking attacks of Hive Fleet Kraken, before encircling them for the final, bloody massacre. This Hive Fleet has also been seen to feint retreats before springing a trap to utterly confound their prey.

  • Hive Fleet Kronos

    Where Hive Fleet Kronos travels, the Shadow in the Warp is at its most suffocatingly powerful. A stifling aura of null power drifts ahead of its invasion swarms, before the fleet lands on prey planets and overcomes any defences through endless long-range barrages.

    Who doesn’t love devastating barrages of bio-plasma and living missiles? Choose Hive Fleet Kronos and you’ll be obliterating your foes at range. Such firepower lays waste to anyone foolish enough to stand up to the power of the Hive Mind.

  • Hive Fleet Leviathan

    Hive Fleet Leviathan is the largest and greatest of the Tyranid hive fleets to descend upon the galaxy. Attacking upwards through the galactic plane, its tendrils are spread out across a broad front, stretched across the Segmentums Ultima, Tempestus and even Solar.

    Compel your warriors to keep fighting even though they should be dead with the strength of Hive Fleet Leviathan’s synaptic network. You enemies will lose the will to fight after seeing the apparent indestructibility of your forces.

Explore the Galaxy

  • Space Marines

    • Medusa

      A world of perpetual gloom and technological marvels, Medusa is home to the Iron Hands.

    • Fenris

      The death world of Fenris is the fierce home of the savage Space Wolves.

    • Baal

      The radiation-soaked wastes of Baal are home to the noble but cursed Blood Angels.

    • Chogoris

      The White Scars fortress-monastery lies high in the mountains of the feudal planet Chogoris.

    • Macragge

      In the realm of Ultramar, Macragge is the Chapter Planet of the Ultramarines.

    • Nocturne

      The volcanic world of Nocturne breeds the hardy Space Marines of the Salamanders.

    • The Rock

      The Dark Angels’ fortress, The Rock, is the last remnant of their lost home world.

    • Rynn’s World

      Home to the Crimson Fists, Rynn’s World was wracked by a massive Ork invasion.

    • Cretacia

      The jungles and great beasts of Cretacia provide perfect hunting grounds for the Flesh Tearers.

    • Deliverance

      Once a prison, the moon of Deliverance is now the roost of the Raven Guard.

    • Terra

      Phalanx, the Imperial Fists’ star-fort Chapter Fortress, guards space around the Throneworld.

  • Necrons

    • Dhol VI

      Crownworld of the Novokh Dynasty, Dhol VI is home to scenes of terrifying slaughter.

    • Perdita

      The Mephrit crownworld and Phaeron were lost in the long sleep, leaving them leaderless.

    • Moebius

      In the Twisted Catacomb of Moebius, the Nekthyst Overlords plan their campaign of vengeance.

    • Mandragora

      The rapidly expanding Sautekh dynasty is centred on the crownworld of Mandragora.

    • Gheden

      From Gheden, the Nihilakh dynasty defend their borders, jealously guarding their ancient secrets.

    • Aryand

      The Nephrekh Dynasty experiments with becoming beings of light from their crownworld of Aryand.

    • The Pariah Nexus

      In the Pariah Nexus, the Szarekhan Dynasty plot to shroud the galaxy in silence.

  • Sisters of Battle

    • Martyred Lady

      The Order of Our Martyred Lady defend a parish now split by the Great Rift.

    • Sacred Rose

      The Order of the Sacred Rose are a beacon of light in the darkness of Imperium Nihilus.

    • Valorous Heart

      The parish of the Order of the Valorous Heart lies deep in Imperium Nihilus.

    • Argent Shroud

      Much of their parish was lost to the Great Rift, but the Order of the Argent Shroud battle on.

    • Ebon Chalice

      The very heart of the Imperium is the domain of the Order of the Ebon Chalice.

    • Bloody Rose

      The Order of the Bloody Rose are a bulwark against enemies in the galactic south.

  • Adeptus Custodes

    • Holy Terra

      Guardians of the Imperial Palace, the Adeptus Custodes also battle for the Emperor across His realm.

  • Adeptus Mechanicus

    • Agripinaa

      Agripinaa is a bastion of Imperial might in the midst of the Chaos-haunted Cadian sector.

    • Mars

      Birthplace of the Cult Mechanicus, Mars is revered above all other forge worlds.

    • Ryza

      Famed for its plasma expertise, Ryza is beset by Ork invasions and intent on survival.

    • Metalica

      Stripped of all life, Metalica is a model of industrial efficiency.

    • Graia

      The coldly logical Graians pursue their goals relentlessly, to the exclusion of all else.

    • Stygies VIII

      Home of the alien-studying Xenarites, Stygies has a reputation for secrecy and untrustworthiness.

  • Astra Militarum

    • Vostroya

      The industrial world of Vostroya is famed for its noble Firstborn regiments.

    • Mordian

      The well-drilled warriors of Mordian form the disciplined and valorous Iron Guard.

    • Cadia

      For millennia, Cadia guarded the Imperium against Chaos. Cadia fell, but its warriors fight on.

    • Armageddon

      War has wracked Armageddon for generations. Its soldiers are hardened and ready for battle.

    • Catachan

      A death world where all the flora and fauna can kill you, Catachan breeds hardy soldiers.

    • Tallarn

      Once a verdant world, Tallarn was devastated during the Horus Heresy and now comprises harsh deserts.

    • Krieg

      Harsh, poisonous Krieg mass-produces soldiers whose only purpose is to fight for the Imperium.

    • Valhalla

      Valhallan troopers are harsh-weather experts, hailing from a world of snow and ice.

  • Chaos Daemons

    • Eye of Terror

      The horrific worlds within the Eye of Terror are home to countless Daemons.

    • Cadia

      The ruins of the fortress world are now home to bands of Daemons battling for supremacy.

    • Cicatrix Maledictum

      Daemonic armies burst from the Great Rift to threaten the worlds of Man across the galaxy.

    • The Maelstrom

      Daemonic hosts issue from the Maelstrom, bolstering the armies of the Tyrant of Badab.

  • Chaos Knights

    • Morda Prime

      House Lucaris Knights march to war from beneath the perpetual raging storms of their home world.

    • Jedathra

      The home of House Herpetrax is bathed in the infernal energies of numerous warp rifts.

    • Surtr’s Wake

      House Khymere abandoned this world, and it now lies desolate, littered with broken Knights.

    • Matarakh

      House Khomentis hunt daemonic creatures across their world – and revere them as embodiments of Chaos.

    • Daxos Gemini

      On this fallen forge world, House Vextrix augment and perfect their Knight chassis.

  • Chaos Space Marines

    • Eye of Terror

      The Chaos Legions raid the Imperium from the corrupted worlds of the Eye of Terror.

    • Prospero and the Planet of the Sorcerers

      The ancient home worlds of the Thousand Sons are now the heart of their new empire.

    • The Maelstrom

      The traitor Huron Blackheart’s dread domain extends out from this warp storm.

  • Craftworlds

    • Alaitoc

      The Rangers of Alaitoc are famed for their mastery of stealth and deadly ambushes.

    • Ulthwé

      The seers of Ulthwé constantly seek to change the future by intervention at the right place and time.

    • Saim-Hann

      Saim-Hann is renowned for its Wild Riders, whose fast-paced assaults are legendary.

    • Biel-Tan

      Shattered by Daemonic invasion, Biel-Tan is now more an armada than a singular craftworld.

    • Iyanden

      Ravaged by repeated attacks, Iyanden relies on its Wraith constructs more than most craftworlds.

  • Drukhari

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • Kabal Raiding Territory

      As Vigilus burned, the Black Heart kabal took whole flotillas of refugees screaming back to Commorragh.

    • Coven Raiding Territory

      Discovering a living city crafted by Chaos, the Coven of Twelve peeled it apart to experiment on it.

    • Coven Raiding Territory

      A series of raids by the Coven of the Hex devastated Aeldari maiden worlds, massacring entire populations.

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • Coven Raiding Territory

      The Prophets of Flesh harry the Indomitus Crusade, intent on discovering the secrets of Primaris Space Marines.

    • Kabal Raiding Territory

      The Broken Sigil kabal waged war on the Necrons, releasing many C’tan Shards from their eternal captivity.

    • Wych Cult Raiding Territory

      The Red Grief cult became caught up in an endless race against an Ork Speed Kult.

    • Wych Cult Raiding Territory

      In the galactic west, the Cult of Strife battle Chaos alongside their craftworld kin.

  • Genestealer Cults

    • Chancer’s Vale

      Nominally an Imperial world, Chancer’s Vale is almost entirely under the sway of the Pauper Princes.

    • Newseam

      The arid wastes of this mining world spawned the Cult of the Rusted Claw.

    • New Gidlam

      A spate of ritual killings quickly turned into terror here as the Hivecult emerged.

    • Feinminster Gamma

      This once-humble world is now the centre of the emerging empire of the Bladed Cog.

    • Vejovium III

      Extreme medical experimentation brought the Genestealer curse to the people of this planet.

    • Ghosar Quintus

      The Cult of the Four-armed Emperor was birthed here, before spreading across the Imperium.

  • Grey Knights

    • Titan

      Few know of the existence of the Grey Knights or of their presence on the moon of Titan.

  • Harlequins

    • The Pandemonium Spiral

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • The Shrieking Labyrinth

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

    • The Black Library

      Repository of all Aeldari knowledge, truth of the Black Library’s location is a closely-guarded secret.

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • Commorragh

      There are many hidden entrances to the Dark City, some known only to the Harlequins.

    • Catacomb of Architects

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

    • The Kaleidoscope Shield

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

    • Arc of Eldanesh

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

    • The Conclave of Seers

      This webway portal is one of those from which Harlequin troupes strike.

  • Imperial Knights

    • Dragon’s End

      House Griffith are named for their noble founder, who slew many of the fearsome dragons of their world.

    • Krastellan

      On eerie, haunted Krastellan, the Knights of House Hawkshroud value loyalty above all.

    • Aurous IV

      House Vulker call this mineral-rich planet home, and have close ties with nearby forge worlds.

    • Voltoris

      For more than 15,000 years, the Knights of House Terryn have defended their domain.

    • Kolossi

      The nobles of House Raven watch over their world from the immense Keep Inviolate.

    • Raisa

      The nobles of Raisa are only reluctantly allied to the Imperium, fiercely defending their domain.

    • Kimdaria

      The keeps of House Mortan are islands in a sea of monstrous creatures that roam Kimdaria.

    • Chrysis

      The nobles of Chrysis, the Knights of House Krast, rule over the ruins of their devastated world.

    • Mars

      The very first Knight House, Taranis, hails from the forge world prime, Mars itself.

  • Orks

    • Waaagh! Krooldakka

      Krooldakka fell on Vigilus, and the world became his plaything, wracked by races and war.

    • Waaagh! Nazdreg

      Driven north by the Great Rift, the mighty Nazdreg now threatens Valhalla, Goth, and Alaric.

    • Waaagh! Jagga

      This is actually four groups, each laying claim to the title of Great Tyrant of Jagga.

    • Waaagh! Urgok

      Urgok lays siege to forge world Ryza, but the expansion of the Maelstrom now threatens both.

    • Waaagh! Charadon

      One of the greatest warbosses in the galaxy, the Arch-Arsonist lays waste to entire sectors.

    • Waaagh! Wazdakka

      Moving towards Terra itself, Waaagh! Wazdakka has become a target for the Adeptus Custodes.

  • The T’au Empire

    • Dal’yth

      Ravaged during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, Dal’yth has recovered thanks to trade with alien races.

    • Farsight Enclaves

      Commander Farsight long ago abandoned the teachings of the Ethereals, but still fights for the Greater Good.

    • Vior’la

      Home of respected military academies, Vior’la is famous for the quality of its Fire Warriors.

    • Sa’cea

      The most densely populated sept, Sa’cea is renowned for producing honourable warriors.

    • T’au

      The birthplace of the T’au race, this is home to the Ethereals and unmatched in influence.

    • Bork’an

      A centre of learning, Bork’an contributes many new weapons and technologies to the Empire.

  • Tyranids

    • Hive Fleet Kraken

      Hive Fleet Kraken was broken at Macragge, but its tendrils still strike to this day.

    • Hive Fleet Kronos

      Kronos emerged in the wake of the Great Rift, and seems specialised for battling Chaos.

    • Hive Fleet Gorgon

      Gorgon invaded the T’au Empire, and was eventually stopped by the T’au and Astra Militarum.

    • Hive Fleet Behemoth

      Behemoth was the first hive fleet to enter the galaxy, and was turned aside at great cost.

    • Hive Fleet Hydra

      Woken from a millennia-long slumber, Hive Fleet Hydra seeks to slake its unnatural hunger.

    • Hive Fleet Leviathan

      Striking across the galaxy, Hive Fleet Leviathan is a terror that haunts the entire Imperium.

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